Calories in Bacon Reduced via Cooking, Meat Part and Home Curing

A little of bacon can still be enjoyed. What you have to do is to investigate how it is processed and cooked. Add to this the right choice of swine part not the belly part but the leaner meat.

Calories in bacon – cooked in different ways

Bacon as is and without add-on ingredients and in its raw form and usual belly part has 128 calories per ounce or 28 grams of bacon. This processed food is cooked in different ways – fried, pan fried with no oil, broiled, grilled, roasted or even baked. If you want least calories in bacon, refrain from frying it. Here is a run-down on the calories based on the standard number of slices, thickness of a slice and weight of the slices.
• Number of slices – There are 82 to 92 calories per 2 slices which is 42 to 46 calories per slice.
• Thickness of slice – The 42 calories are based on an average or medium-sized strip of bacon. This slice is around 0.3 ounces or 9 grams. A thicker strip of 0.4 ounces or 11 grams has 61 calories.
• Weight of slices – One ounce or 28 grams of cooked bacon contains 149 to 153 calories.
What you may remember is that the calories in bacon are 68% fats, of which 40% of this is of the saturated kind.


Calories per day in bacon – fatty and lean meat parts

calories in bacon

calories in bacon

Anyone who is in the weight loss regimen is conscious of the calories per day from every strip of bacon in the diet. However, the calories can be controlled by picking the right kind of pork meat part. Why do you opt for the lean part?
Bacon is derived from different cuts of meat – from the side and back cuts but in the United States, it is prepared from pork belly. The belly is fattier than the side cut. The back cuts have two classifications. You have the fat back and the pork loin. The former is mostly pure fat while the loin is super lean.
Here is a guide on the calories contained in bacon made from belly and lean parts in order to guide your calories per day consumption. Bacon made from pork belly is referred to as American bacon, the streaky and fattier type. Canadian bacon is made from lean pork loin. The average calories in American bacon are 40 to 50 calories per slice. For the Canadian bacon, a slice has 34 to 45 calories.

Daily calorie intake in homemade bacon

Aside from choosing Canadian bacon for lower daily calorie intake, you can opt to make your own bacon which can have healthier nutrition. You can use the lean part, organic pork and without any preservative or nitrate. You can also reduce the salt solution for the curing.
The calories in bacon can be brought down if you are on a weight loss regimen. Reduced fat and salt will be better for your heart and blood pressure. Eliminating the preservative will lessen cancer risk.

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